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Need Umpires for your
travel ball team?

Umps 4 Hire covers all the bases for any baseball travel ball team needing top notch umpires.  Any age any level of play we got you covered! Contact us for more info at:

We serve the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia areas. We have traveled as far as South Florida and Atlanta Georgia area.

We will also supply Umpires to Cooperstown Dreams Park during the summer.

There are three key services that Umps 4 Hire offers our customers:
1) Umps 4 Hire can provide your league with knowledgeable, dependable officials who can manage contests fairly and without bias in a professional manner. Our members hold themselves to the highest standards regarding rules knowledge and application, appearance, and most importantly, clear and professional communication with your coaches.
2) Umps 4 Hire does all the umpire scheduling for your league's games. We will never miss a game. By having a large pool of umpires, should any change come up we have the umpires to cover those games. All you have to do is give us your schedule and we do the rest.
3) In addition to providing umpires and scheduling. Umps 4 Hire also provides a professionally trained staff for umpire training for any league's umpiring staff. Our purpose is to improve the overall quality of umpiring through teaching and educational programs, and superior educational resources.
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Disclaimer: As it pertains to First Coast Umpires Association (FCUA) Umps 4 Hire will not work any games that belong to that association without prior permission from them. We will work in conjunction with FCUA to provide Umpires.

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